Your Project Idea

Read the Financial Policies to determine if your request qualifies under the RCDS mandate.

Complete these forms to the best of your ability. This will give us a small overview of what your project entails and how we can help support you.

Completed the forms? Yay! Let’s move on.

Is your project GREATER THAN $7999.99?

Contact the Vice President Finance, Vinh Tran, at

Is your project LESS THAN $7999.99?

Send both documents to JK Quibael, the Administrative Assistant at He will verify that the project falls under the RCDS mandate

Following the approval, JK will set up an appointment for you with one of our consultants Julianne Fong, Jody Mitchell or Michael Ren to discuss the request.

These consultations will be to discuss your
funding options and to assist in preparation for your project pitch to the Student Projects Funding Committee (SPFC).

10-Minute Question Period

5-Minute Pitch Presentation

Once your pitch is ready, all finalized documents will be sent to JK Quibael. He will then schedule you to present at the next available SPFC Meeting.

You will hear back from the SPFC with your results within 35 business days of your presentation date.

You’ve been approved?

Complete the “2016/17 Cheque Requisition Form” with eligible expenses. Attach the receipts accordingly and submit the documents to Kevin Teng at or RCC 364 the Accounts Payable, who will process them accordingly.

In the funding approval, there may be conditions that must be met to receive the reimbursements.

All items on the form must align to items that adhered from the approved
budget of the project/event.

These documents must be submitted by the latter of two
i. 45 days of the expense being incurred
ii. 45 days from the event

Reimbursements periods are 2-3 weeks from date of submission. Approval from the Vice President of Finance, President and Student Relations Manager are required before cheques can be finalized.

After doing so, please submit the following deliverables to the corresponding parties:

a. Updated Budget Actuals to

b. Editorial Piece: 2-3 paragraph

i. 250 words

ii. Media you or your group would like to publish (videos, images,links, etc.)

iii. Submit to

c. Event Debrief Form to

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